Investment Message 2017 of the Head of the Surgut city

Dear natives of Surgut, colleagues, partners!

Today I present to you the Investment Message 2017. Improvement of investment attractiveness is the priority for socioeconomic development of our city.

In the year 2016 we have aimed at implementation of such projects as: "MPP-standard", aimed at improving the investment climate, increasing the level of sufficiency with objects of social infrastructure and growth of the volume of investments attracted by the city administration in cooperation with the "Public-Private Partnership Development Center". The regulatory and legal framework for the mechanism of implementation of "MPP - Standard" and the procedure for concluding a concession agreement in the municipal entity of the city of Surgut were developed and approved in 2016. The list of facilities in relation the conclude concession agreements are planned to be concluded with a municipal entity was approved in 2017.

City authorities are open to a dialogue with representatives of the business community on all issues arising in the process of carrying out the entrepreneurial and investment activities.

I call on business representatives to be active and if You have an interest in realization of the investment project under the concession agreement and municipal and private partnership, please send your suggestions.

Successful practices, included in the Atlas of Municipal Practices of the Federal Agency for Strategic Initiatives for Promotion of New Projects were actively implemented in 2016.

Successful practices are the most effective ways, methods and tools for improving the business environment and the conditions for doing business, removing administrative barriers at the municipal level used in the constituents of the Russian Federation and municipal units of the Russian Federation.

Six practices are planned to be implemented in 2017, and the successful practices implemented during the previous year will be monitored.

Following the results of the departmental assessment in 2016, five successful municipal practices were introduced:

  • "Establishment of a structural units for investment climate improvement management";
  • "The annual investment message of the Head of the municipal unit";
  • "Approval and publication of an annually updated plan for creation of infrastructure, necessary for investors, in the municipal unit and the procedure for providing information for placement on the investment map of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation";
  • "Ensuring the presence of development institutions and financial infrastructure facilities on the territory of the municipal unit";
  • "Adoption of a package of regulatory documents, establishing the main areas of investment policy, including the development of small and medium-sized businesses".

Successful practices, aimed at the development and support of small and medium-sized businesses at the municipal level, included in the Atlas of municipal practices of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives will be implemented using through project management.

Introduction of best municipal practices will allow assessing the current situation, identify growth points, form an effective support system for investors and investment activity development at the municipal level, as well as regulating the conduct of local governments in matters related to attracting investment.

Register of land plots, determining the number of investment site territories was, compiled and analyzed in 2016, in order to improve the investment attractiveness of the city of Surgut. These territories can be rented to legal entities without tenders for placement of social, cultural and communal facilities, in order to implement large-scale investment projects in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region - Yugra, within the framework of the agreement concluded between the Administration of Surgut and the Yugra Development Fund.

9 land use plans and land survey projects were developed and approved in 2016:

  • Microdistrict 31 "B" of the city of Surgut, in part of the land plot rented under the Land lease Agreement for integrated development for the purpose of residential construction (multi-storey apartment block);
  • microdistricts 1, 2, 4 of the city of Surgut in the part of land plots, microdistrict 1 under the contract for the development of the built-up area;
  • Territory of microdistrict 44 "Integrated development for the purpose of residential construction (multi-storey apartment block) in Microdistrict No. 44";
  • territory "Low-rise residential development of MK-37 area in the village of Dorozhny in the city of Surgut";
  • territory for placing the linear facility "Magistralnaya street 1"Z"on section from 39 "Z"street to 44"Z"street in Surgut;
  • correction of area demarcation plan for a part of microdistrict 21-22 of the city of Surgut, subject to development;
  • microdistricts 1, 2, 4 of the city of Surgut in the part of the land plot, microdistrict 1 under the contract for the development of the built-up area;
  • part of the territory of microdistrict 24 of the city of Surgut;
  • territory for placement of linear facility "Komsomolsky Prospekt on section from Fedorov Street to Kaidalova street.

Preparation of territory planification documents will ensure sustainable development of the territory, establishment of boundaries of land plots where the capital construction facilities are located, establishment of boundaries of land plots intended for construction and placement of linear facilities and other capital construction facilities. Territory planification documents contain the main indicators necessary for determining the investment attractiveness of the territory - the population size and the possible volumes of new construction (residential, business, social, cultural and general, transport and engineering).

Objectives set for 2017 are as follows:

  • updating data on the objects of local and regional significance being created, including engineering facilities, taking into account their economic evaluation;
  • adjustment of the investment passport of Surgut territory to define and refine the promising investment sites, the cost of their development, sources of financing, as well as the optimal development instruments.

In order to reduce administrative barriers in 2017, the limit on the number of procedures required to obtain construction permit will be reduced from 7 to 6 (in comparison with the previous year), the deadline for receipt of permission, being 130 days, will be reduced to 77 days.

In order to ensure a balanced, long-term development of communal infrastructure systems in accordance with the needs capital construction projects, research will be carried out to develop the "Surgut Municipal Unit Communal Infrastructure Systems Comprehensive Development Program" for the period until 2030.

In the medium term, a number of private investment projects for the development of transport infrastructure are planned:

  • bus station construction investment project;
  • investment project on reconstruction/construction of the railway complex at Surgut railway station.

To date, with the involvement of investors' funds, decisions have been taken to develop documentation for planification of the following territories:

  • for placement of linear facility "Ivan Kaidalov Embankment on section from Komsomolsky Avenue to the Tikhy passage in the city of Surgut"
  • correction of microdistrict 27 in Surgut, correction of part of the territory within the boundaries of Melik-Karamov and Nagornaya streets;
  • development of area demarcation project for microdistricts 9,10 of Surgut;
  • development of area demarcation project for microdistrict 25 of Surgut;
  • municipal block 7 of the North-East residential area in the city of Surgut;
  • municipal block XXII of the Eastern Industrial District;
  • the town of Gidrostroitel;
  • Poim-2 city block;
  • linear facility "Usoltsev street on section from Aeroflotskaya street to Yesenin street in the city of Surgut";
  • linear facility "Nizhnevartovskoe highway from the traffic circle of GRES power plant to the Eastern bypass road junction ( Sosnovaya str.)

Project management is planned to be actively implemented in the whole country, since the 11 main directions of the strategic development of the Russian Federation designated by the President of the Russian Federation will be implemented using the project management mechanism.

The project on introduction of project management in the Administration of the city of Surgut was completed in January 2017.

Within the framework of the project management implementation, the following projects have been launched in the City Administration:

  1. Development of the investment passport of the municipal unit of the urban district of the city of Surgut;
  2. Landscaping of park "Park near the river station in the city of Surgut, 1st construction stage.

Another area of activity where the project management will be applied is the implementation of 12 standard goal-oriented models for ensuring a favorable investment climate in the Russian Federation.12 standard goal-oriented models were approved by the President of the Russian Federation at a joint meeting of the Presidium of the State Council and the State Council Advisory Commission on November 12, 2016. Standard goal-oriented models take into account the best regional practices.

Based on 12 standard models, 9 project portfolios of have been created in KhMAD. The passports of these project portfolios were approved at the meeting of the Project Committee of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District - Yugra on February 15, 2017.

Project management as a control mechanism is widely and universally applied in the state and municipal spheres. City Administration is involved in project management at various levels and in the near future the scope of project management mechanisms will be expanded.

Growth of investments directly affects not only the increase in tax revenues to the municipal budget, creation of new jobs, but also the level and quality of life of residents. Therefore, attracting investment in the city territory is one of the strategic tasks of local government. These can be investments not only in the economy, but also in the social sphere, development of residential construction, communal infrastructure, and transport network.

On a final note, I want to say that we have made our choice in favor of a real partnership –comprehensive, mutually beneficial and long-term.

Head of the Surgut City
V.N. Shuvalov