Made in Surgut Project

Within the framework of the project initiative of the Administration of the city of Surgut, the Made in Surgut Project will be implemented in 2017. Making a comprehensive and system-based approach to the promotion of local products in the consumer market of Surgut and a positive image of the local goods producers are the goals set for this project by the city authorities.

«Supporting the local goods producers is one of the priorities of the local government bodies. We understand that development of small and medium-sized businesses in our city is ensuring the sustainable development of Surgut. Thus, we are making every effort to create favorable conditions for the local producers,’ the City Administration says.

The Made in Surgut logo, has been developed under this project, the right of use of which is provided to small and medium-sized businesses, municipal enterprises, non-profit organizations and other business entities registered and producing goods in the city of Surgut.

All applicants are checked for compliance with the requirements established by the municipal regulations. In case of approval, the right to use the logo is granted for 3 years on a free-of-charge basis.

The first certificates giving the right to use the Made in Surgut logo were presented on September 15, 2017 in the Central City Library named after A.S. Pushkin. The Deputy Head of the City Administration Anna Sherstneva congratulated the enterprises and individual entrepreneurs on getting the Made in Surgut logo and wished them success, prosperity and new achievements.

Сделано в Сургуте

The register of local goods producers who have received the right to use the Made in Surgut logo can be found here.

Those who have got the right to use the Made in Surgut logo can use it in their letterheads, booklets, other information, and advertising or printed materials, on labels of their finished products, in publications containing advertising and reference information about their enterprises, in their promotional videos and presentations, on their websites, in materials for exhibitions, posters and stands.

All residents and visitors of the city could have a look at the products of local producers who got the Made in Surgut logo on September 16 at the selling exhibition, which was held in front of the Tsentralny market.

The visitors could not only buy their favorite goods of the well-known and respected companies, such as Surgutsky and Keshka-Sladkoyezhka meat packing plants, but also get acquainted with young goods producers who presented their products to a wide range of consumers.

The selling exhibition offered bakery and confectionery products, frozen semi-finished bakery, meat semi-finished products, ready-to-serve food, green cultures, products of folk art crafts, products of decorative ironwork, furniture. Many buyers gave their feedback for the Surgut businessmen to be taken into account for future.

On the same day, the results of the 2017 Surgut Best Product Contest conducted as part of the Made in Surgut Project were summed up.

More than 25 small and medium-sized businesses of the city took part in the contest. More than 50 products were presented there.