About Surgut

Surgut is the city under the jurisdiction of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra, one of the oldest cities in Siberia, founded shortly after the annexation of West Siberian lands to the Russian state at the end of the 16th century.

Памятник основателям города Сургута

Like the cities of St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Oslo, Surgut is located 60 degrees north latitude. But unlike Europe, the climate here is sharply continental. Winter lasts about 7 months; the average monthly temperature in January is -22°C, in July + 17°C. Frosts in winter sometimes reach -50°C. The city stands on the right bank of the great Siberian river Ob, in its middle reaches.

Today Surgut is the largest industrial and cultural center of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra, of the Tyumen region, one of the main centers of the Russian oil industry. It is called the capital of the oil province, the industrial and energy heart of the North.

Дворец искусств «Нефтяник»

The development of the city is due to a number of favourable conditions.

Surgut has an advantageous economic-transport-geographical position: it is located at the intersection of the railway line with a powerful waterway - the Ob river. The city has turned into a significant traffic junction: railway and highway are passing through Surgut, there is an international airport and a river port. Pipeline transportation is well-developed (the largest oil and gas pipelines hub).

Surgut occupies one of the leading positions in Russia by motor transport population. Currently, there are 180,000 vehicles in the city.

Авторазвязка Аэрофлотская-Нефтяное Шоссе

Surgut is the largest municipal unit in the district, with more than 360 thousand people. Over the years the demographic situation in the municipality has been characterized by a stable increase in the standard residential population. In terms of natural and migration increase the city of Surgut is ahead of not only the municipalities of the district, but also of many cities in Russia.

The birth rate in the city exceeds that of the cities of the European part of Russia and the Urals by 60-70%, the mortality rate is 2 to 2.5 times lower.

Перинатальный центр города Сургута

The developed engineering, transport and social infrastructure, one of the highest living standards in the district, contribute to the fact that the city is the most attractive municipality the Autonomous Okrug not only for living, but also for business.

More than 10 thousand organizations and over 12 thousand individual entrepreneurs are registered in the city.

The city enterprises produce products worth more than 700 billion rubles. 60% of the total electricity in the district are produced in Surgut.

The city-forming enterprise of Surgut is Surgutneftegaz oil company, occupying one of the leading places among the oil companies not only in the Autonomous Okrug but also in Russia. The scope of business of the Company is: production and sale of oil and gas, production and marketing of petroleum products and petrochemical products, exploration, construction and development of oil and oil and gas fields.

Branches of the largest generating companies of the wholesale electricity market are located in Surgut: Public Joint Stock Company "OGK-2" Surgut GRES-1"; Public Joint Stock Company"Unipro" Surgut GRES-2". Among the food industry enterprises the largest are the SGMUP "Surgut Bread Factory", LLC "Surgut Meat Processing Plant".

Сургутская ГРЭС

The city is the district leader in terms of residential construction. About 2.5 million square meters of housing were commissioned over the past 10 years.

Also, more than 40% of the trading area of the Autonomous Okrug is concentrated in the city, the turnover of retail trade is also more than 40% of the district turnover and exceeds 100 billion rubles.

Жилищное строительство

An important role in achieving such a result belongs to the small and medium business of our city, which are developing from year to year. For today about 30% of subjects of small and medium entities of the district are carrying out their activities in territory of our city.

The annual turnover of small and medium-sized businesses is approaching 200 billion rubles.

The level of registered unemployment in the city remains one of the lowest among the municipal units of the district - 0.13%, it is more than three times lower than the average level. In terms of the average wage, the city occupies one of the first places among the municipalities of the district, including the second among the urban districts.

Памятник трудовому подвигу нефтяников

For a number of years the city has been ranking 1st in the National Rating of Procurement transparency.

In addition, the city of Surgut has high rates for the credit rating of the city, as well as other numerous ratings that characterize its favorable investment climate and show its investment attractiveness. The information on ratings is accessible under the link.

Significant investments are made in the construction of housing and social facilities. About 2.4 million square meters of housing were commissioned over the past 10 years. Development of investment activity is carried out at the expense of own means of economic entities, and also out of out of public funds.

The housing stock of the city is 7.8 million square meters, the average housing per capita is 22 square meters per person.

Глава города Сургута инспектирует строительство

The city is aimed at the formation of an industrial and scientific center with an innovative diversified economy, extensive business opportunities, a high potential for economic and civic development for citizens, which will require considerable financial investments, including private investments.

The key priorities of the city development shall be as follows:

  • strengthening the economic growth investment focus;
  • strengthening of the city competitive positions in the okrug, in Russia;
  • creation of the modern transport infrastructure;
  • formation of the high-technology production competitive sector;
  • use of the knowledge economy as the main driving force of development;
  • complex modernization of the energy complex;
  • improvement of the quality of life of the Surgut citizens on the basis of cooperation between citizens and the authorities;
  • building an innovative diversified economy;
  • synergistic interaction of education, culture and health;
  • improvement of the ecological situation.