Regulatory Impact Assessment

Dear entrepreneurs!
We invite you to participate in the assessment of regulatory impact.

What is the Regulatory Impact Assessment?

The Regulatory Impact Assessment is an actual topic for business now. Today, a large number of regulatory and legal acts contain requirements for the business community.

The Regulatory Impact Assessment –is a procedure in which draft regulatory acts are analyzed to identify in them provisions that lead to excessive administrative and other duties / restrictions in the activities of entrepreneurs, as well as to unreasonable expenses, both for business and for the local budget.

The Regulatory Impact Assessment represents a mechanism aimed at improving the conditions for conducting business and investment activities.

At present, entrepreneurs have a real opportunity, both at the stage of developing a normative legal act and at the examination stage, to take part in the evaluation of its content, making their suggestions for more precise identification of possible risks and negative effects from the new regulation, preparation of a balanced and deliberate normative legal act.


Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Purposes

The RIA purpose is to identify in the draft municipal ordinance a provision introducing redundant duties, prohibitions and restrictions on the entities involved in entrepreneurial and investment activities or contributing to their introduction, as well as provisions conducive to the emergence of unjustified expenditures of the entities involved in entrepreneurial and investment activities of the local budget.

The RIA shall be carried out to determine and assess the possible positive and negative consequences of the adoption of the draft municipal regulatory legal act on the basis of an analysis of the problem, the purpose of its regulation and possible solutions.


In what cases is the RIA carried out?

Drafts of the municipal legal acts establishing new or changing previously prescribed by municipal regulatory legal acts obligations for the entities involved in entrepreneurial and investment activities shall be subject to the RIA implementation.


What do public consultations mean?

Public consultations shall mean an open discussion with the participants of public consultations of the draft of the municipal normative legal act, organized by the developer, during the procedures of the in-depth RIA of the drafts of the municipal normative legal acts.


How to participate in public consultations and get acquainted with their results?

When conducting the in-depth RIA, the representatives of the business community shall have the right to participate in public consultations, by sending opinions (comments and / or proposals) to the developer.

The period of public consultations and contact details of the developer shall be indicated in the notifications of public consultations posted on the City Administration official portal:

Upon the public consultations results, the developer shall compile and publish a set of proposals on the results of their conduct, containing information on the registration (acceptance) or rejection of the opinion (comments and / or suggestions) of the participants in public consultations and the rationale for the developer's position on all opinions received (comments and / or suggestions).

One can get acquainted with the results of public consultations in the relevant sections on the link:


Official website for the RIA conducting

Placement of information within the framework of the RIA procedure shall be carried out on the City Administration official portal.

Authorized body for the RIA conducting

The Regulatory Impact Assessment authorized body shall be the Department of Economics and Strategic Planning of the City Administration.

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