Implementation of best practices

Best practice No. 2 ‘Development of an investment passport of municipal unit and making it publicly available’

Best practice No. 3 ‘Adoption of regulations establishing the main investment policies of the municipal unit and development of small and medium-sized businesses’

Best practice No. 4 ‘Implementation of the one-stop-principle investment project support’

Best practice No. 7 ‘Approval of the procedure for implementing projects using the municipal and private partnership’

Best practice No. 8 ‘Annual investment message of the Head of the Municipal Unit and adoption of an investment declaration (investment memorandum)’

Best practice No. 9 ‘Approval and publication of the annually updated plan for creating facilities of the municipal infrastructure required by investors in the municipal unit and the procedure for providing information for mapping a constituent entity of the Russian Federation’

Best practice No. 10 ‘Putting up a special-purpose website of the municipal unit on investment activities providing a channel for direct communication between local authorities and investors’

Best practice No. 11 ‘Making an information and consulting support system and promotion of business activities, including through the multifunctional centers for state and municipal services’

Best practice No. 12 ‘Establishing a public council for improving the investment climate and developing entrepreneurship under the Head of the Municipal Unit’

Best practice No. 14 ‘Establishing a structural unit to manage activities to improve the investment climate’

Best practice No. 15 ‘Making a system for managing land and property fitting the investment priorities of the municipal unit’

Best practice No. 16 ‘Building an affordable infrastructure for production and other investors’ sites and facilities’

Best practice No. 17 ‘Ensuring development institutions and financial infrastructure facilities on the territory of the municipal unit’

Best practice No. 18 ‘Carrying out measures to reduce the duration and cost of licensing procedures in the area of land relations and construction when implementing investment projects on the territory of municipal units’

Best practice No. 20 ‘Carrying out measures to reduce the duration of licensing procedures for the construction, reconstruction of last-mile line structures for connecting capital construction facilities to engineering infrastructure systems’

Best practice No. 23 ‘Providing training and retraining of officials responsible for investment raising and supporting business’.